Robin Wood 2016 Day 1 continued…


Mr Crossley working hard on his blog!

image image

‘Team Mountain’

image image image

Joseph carrying the biggest rucksack- all the way up the hill (and all the way down)


On the climbing wall!!

image image image image image

Bulls eye

image image image

Mrs Theaker still couldn’t hit the target after 30 arrows!


3 thoughts on “Robin Wood 2016 Day 1 continued…

  1. parent

    Hi there Ruby you look like your having a great time looks like there,s plenty of activities to tire you all out .teachers included HaHaHa will see you tomorrow Love grandma and Grandad xx

  2. parent

    HI Seen all your lovely pictures , looks like your all having plenty of fun!! Although its really difficult to identify each individual!! from the long distant shots/ and goggles!! seen Joshua with his hands up looking pretty happy with himself, and hope he`s glad he went? really lovely to see all the happy faces and cant wait till tomorrow when you get back ok.

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