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Robinwood 2016 – The adventure begins!


P1030030Mr Simpson, Mr Robinson and Mr Tipton drove the minibuses to Robinwood, we arrived at 10:15 and can report that there were 28 very excited children who’s first adventure was a walk to the centre up a very steep hill. We all hope the children have a fabulous time and look forward to seeing more posts from Mr Crossley, Mrs Theaker and Mrs Clark and some parent messages too!

Mr Tipton

Last Day

Mrs Larner reports that ‘all’s well’ they had a quiet night. The children are looking forward to seeing you this afternoon. Please can you collect your children at 3:10pm from Mr Alsop’s classroom door. Thank you.

Day 2

We have had another activity packed day at Robinwood.

The children had to work together to solve problems to get out of the dreaded Piranha Pool alive!


Thankfully they all survived…..just!


We also had a lot of fun on the giant swing.




The Dungeons of Doom were a little too much for some……..




As for the rest, they were ready to sleep wherever they could during the Team Challenge.




Another fantastic day at Robinwood!




Our first day.

Yesterday we walked to the castle through the forest after being met by our group leaders; Danny and Rachel. We enjoyed lunch and then began our activities of; Zip wire, Archery, the Obstacle course, Caving and Crate challenge.
Our thanks must go to staff who joined up after tea. Mr Brooksby is brilliant at pot holing in a suit! Definitely a first here. Mr Crossley and Mr Gallagher both enjoyed themselves in the caving.Mrs Moss was the perfect partner for the crate challenge.
All of the girls have enjoyed their first night here and have slept well. This is also true for the boys.
Mr Simpson is coming today to join in with the Dungeon of Doom and climbing. We hope that he is feeling brave!

Hope you enjoy these photos.

We will try to write again soon.
Thank you for all your messages of support.

Robinwood 2015

dobroydcastle_2Monday, 14th September 2015 – Year 6 children will be enjoying their visit to Robinwood this week. I have just dropped them off at Dobroyd Castle, their first adventure is to trek up the hill to the castle with their group leaders Rachel and Danny.

P1010455 P1010459 P1010460

Mr Alsop and Mrs Larner will be posting more pictures soon, please login and leave your comments. Thank you, Mr Tipton


Walking, walking and more walking…

Hola Amigos!

This is going to be the last update on the blog as the next time you hear from us, we will be back in England! We have a very early wake up call in the morning and have to be on our first train of the day by half past 8! Today we have spent the day seeing the sights that Barcelona has to offer and there are a few pictures below which will show you some of what we have been up to.

As you can tell from the title, Team Spain have done a lot of walking today. The children have walked the length and breadth of Barcelona taking in all the sights. The team were thankful for the rest of the sightseeing tour bus which took us around a lot of the city. Everyone will be aching tomorrow!
What a great place for a photo opportunity! The children are in the nearby harbour looking great in their tour uniforms provided by Fell Promotions.
Joshua, Lee and Billy couldn’t help themselves in eyeing up the boats and deciding which one they wanted to bring back home with them. Unfortunately we don’t think they will fit in the suitcase.
The first iconic place that Team Spain reached was the busy high street known as Las Ramblas. The street was bustling with people, stalls and artists which some of the children are pointing at in the picture above. The children couldn’t wait to see what the high street had in store for them as they walked on.
It was very warm on the walk along Las Ramblas so water bottles were topped up and sun cream applied. Next stop, the indoor market!
DSCF1892 DSCF1888 DSCF1891The children couldn’t believe their eyes at how much there was for them to buy. There was stall upon stall of different foods that they could try and buy. Tamara headed straight to the ice cold smoothie stall and drunk a lovely strawberry and mango smoothie. It was a great idea as it was such a warm start to the day.
The children were thankful of the chance to rest their legs on the sightseeing tour bus. Codie was over the moon to have her picture taken next to the actual bus that the Barcelona football team used for the victory parade! What a great memory!
Next it was onto the bus where the children ate their lunch and listened to the audio tour guide while taking in the sights. It wasn’t long before we reached the Olympic Stadium.
All around the museum were different mementos from different sports men and women. We are sure a lot of you will recognise the name in the picture above.
Of course there was a lot of interest in the football part of the museum with Joshua and Codie spotting a Barcelona football shirt. Lee, Tamara and Ruby had great fun in the interactive part of the museum with them desperately trying to beat Usain Bolts 100m sprint time. Billy showed off his climbing skills and scaled to the top of the climbing wall. Great fun was had by all.
Team Spain were given special access to the Olympic Stadium with them having their own tour guide and getting to sit in the stands of the 65,00 seater stadium. Of course, there were plenty more chances to having their photos taken.
After a short walk and with the escalators being used by some of the Ling Bob Trekkers, Team Spain managed to make their way down past the Magic Fountain and to the Bullring for  a spot of souvenir shopping.
Some of the children spotted the Official Barcelona Club Shop where they posed for photos with Lionel Messi’s shirt and bought some gifts. Afterwards, it was time for the final meal of the trip.
Team Spain tucked into a lovely meal of pasta and pizza. Billy even became a fan of prawns after trying some of Mr Gallagher’s pizza. After the meal Team Spain went on one last bus journey before a short walk back to the hotel. It wasn’t quite time for bed as bags had to be packed ready for the journey home tomorrow; the boys room especially was like a bomb had gone off!

So that is it for Team Spain 2015! Everyone has gone to bed ready for the early alarm call and the journey back home. The next time you hear from us we will have returned back at school. Adios Amigos from Senora Brennan, Senora Rowntree, Senor Gallagher, Lee, Joshua, Billy, Ruby, Codie and Tamara!